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Word of Mouth: Harvest

I love brunch. And every time I find a new brunch spot, I fall in love all over again. So I am in love. I would like to argue that no one loves brunch as much as I do and that no one will ever understand our relationship, but I would probably be lying since I think you all get it.

Last weekend my roommate came home raving about a new sweet spot in Strathcona, so I ventured out with my sister to try it. It was, indeed, sweet. It was quaint. It was adorable and delicious. If I was a food, I would want to live there. Situated demurely between some small clothing stores and a bicycle repair shop, Harvest is halfway between being a grocery with locally-sourced goods and a cafe. The decoration is sparse, vintage-inspired and clean, and the outside tables face the Georgia Street Viaduct.

We ordered the special from the blackboard, a poached egg on a potato pancake with lemon sauce, fennel and arugula and rhubarb, lavender elderberry drinks (pictured above). Since it was one of the first truly blazing days of the year, we finished it off with Cardamom and Salted Caramel Ice Creams.

My only complaint is that while delicious, the portions are on the small side, and I’m sucker for extra salt in everything. But hey, they’re probably doing me a favor on that one.

You can check out the website here http://harvestunion.ca/ 


Bérénice Bejo as Peppy Miller in The Artist. 


Bérénice Bejo as Peppy Miller in The Artist

great songwriter and an interesting person. watch it if you like any songs made between the early sixties and late seventies, because he pretty much influenced everyone and everything.

i can’t even tell you how sad i was when this was off the internet.